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Here to Grind.

Frendeo Grinder Herb Roach Card Cone Holder


At Frendeo we want to innovate, to add excitement to the same experience we all share, all over the world.


The Frendeo All In One is just the start as we aim to release many more totally unique products.

Frendeo as a brand aims to be the best at what you expect but then so much more.


With first of its kind designs at your finger, Frendeo hopes to be an essential whether you're at home or heading out.

We all have to work hard so let Frendeo take care of this grind.

Frendeo Herb Grinder Roach Card Cone Holder

Features of Frendeo

First Of It's Kind To Market

Triple Design For A Single Outcome

The Golden Addition

On The Go Or Stay At Home

The Final Piece

Top Up Whenever You Like 



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